Age no longer a stumbling block to work

The commentary on May 7 ("The older you get, the more productive you are at work") is very timely, and business owners should read it and benefit from it.

A low rate of population increase, an ageing population and a weakening world economy are creating challenges to business owners struggling to enhance productivity here.

Product development has delivered tools for people to do more work than they can normally do. Seniors may tap the support of such gadgets to stay productive.

Education and training abilities are not reduced by age; although learning styles for seniors are different from those of younger people.

Our new norm should be that everyone is employable, maybe in different areas and different jobs.

Just as we have eliminated gender segregation at work, we should no longer look at age as a stumbling block.

As long as seniors are healthy and desire to work, then they are employable.

Tandalai Natesan Srinivasan