Advise seniors on how to handle kidnap scams

It is disturbing to read that there are more cases of kidnap scams ("Spike in kidnap phone scams"; Oct 12).

We can all play an active role in preventing more people from falling for such scams.

We should advise our elderly folk that should they receive such a phone call, to not panic but call their children or grandchildren for assistance.

They can also approach trusted neighbours or relatives to discuss how to better handle such a situation. If there is any doubt, the elderly should not hesitate to contact the police.

When an elderly person seems distressed and in a rush to withdraw a large amount of cash at the bank, the staff can take the initiative to inquire further - if the person's privacy is not compromised.

With constant reminders to our elderly folk and everyone staying vigilant, we can stop these scammers from cheating our seniors.

Lim Lih Mei (Ms)