Add singing to street piano playing

I congratulate arts manager Jean Hair, artist Billy Soh and architect Lee Yan Chang on their successful street piano social experiment ("Playing it forward"; July 15).

The pianos, strategically placed around Singapore, have attracted some to play Harry Potter film scores and pop hits by Justin Timberlake and Madonna, for example.

There is much more room for the choice and variety of music.

I would suggest an addition to the present format: Among those watching, there will be some who would like to sing.

To encourage them, perhaps the lyrics of the popular songs played on the piano, and a microphone could be provided. For example, the lyrics could be displayed on a TV screen, with the microphone awaiting the first singer to pick it up.

As for the choice of music, it could include evergreens such as Spanish Eyes by Al Martino, I Left My Heart In San Francisco by Tony Bennett, and The Wonderful World Of The Young by Danny Williams.

Toh Choong Hohn