Add mosquito lamps to arsenal

For years, I have heard and read about the danger of dengue, dengue clusters, and efforts to fight dengue.

The authorities must know by now that using the same methods year after year will produce only similar results.

It is high time our Government put in more comprehensive efforts to fight mosquitoes.

Besides the current methods, the authorities should consider the use of mosquito lamps.

I have used mosquito lamps for eight years. These lamps use ultraviolet light, suction fans and mosquito attractants, not poisons.

Whenever I switch on the mosquito lamps, mosquitoes stop biting me. My grandchildren used to have many mosquito bites when staying with relatives, but they stopped getting bitten after mosquito lamps were used.

It is critical to prevent mosquitoes from biting people already suffering from Zika or dengue, then biting others.

Fogging covers only outdoor areas and sends mosquitoes to non-fogged areas, such as homes. Furthermore, fogging can compromise the quality and safety of the air we breathe.

I hope the Ministry of Health can encourage residents to buy mosquito lamps, or lend out these lamps to residents.

Tan Peng Boon