Action taken against firms at two worksites

We thank Mr David Kwok for his letter ("Act on noise from construction sites"; Forum Online, Aug 2).

The National Environment Agency (NEA) requires all construction sites to comply with specified noise limits, which are more stringent for construction projects near noise-sensitive premises, such as residential buildings, hospitals and schools.

The limits are also more stringent for night hours as compared to those during the day.

In addition, there are restrictions limiting construction work on Sundays and public holidays - that is, no work allowed from 10pm on Saturdays/eve of public holidays to 7am on the following Monday/day after the public holiday.

Construction companies are required to install noise monitoring meters at the nearest affected premises to continuously monitor and record their noise levels.

There are three construction sites located near Tanjong Pagar MRT station. NEA's checks of their noise level records showed that the noise levels for all three sites were within the permissible limits.

However, our records showed that two of the worksites, namely the Oasia Downtown Hotel and Tanjong Pagar Mixed Development worksites, carried out work during prohibited periods on Saturday, July 4 (after 10pm), and Sunday, July 5, respectively.

Enforcement action has been taken against the construction companies at the two sites.

We assure Mr Kwok that NEA is monitoring the situation and will not hesitate to take further enforcement action against construction companies that violate our regulations.

Members of the public can give feedback on 1800-2255-632 or via the myENV app should they wish to lodge a report on construction sites that do not abide by these regulations.

Fong Peng Keong

Director, Pollution Control Department

National Environment Agency