Act against irresponsible burning of incense paper

Much burning of incense paper has taken place across the island during this year's Hungry Ghost Festival.

Most devotees use incense burners provided by the HDB town councils but, from my observations, some people still blatantly disregard the town councils' advice or guidelines. They insist on placing candles and joss sticks, including burning their offerings, on the turf or pavement.

This not only results in blackened patches of concrete or burnt patches of grass, but some of the incense paper is also blown away by the wind to different areas. This takes a toll on the cleanliness and aesthetics of the common areas.

Devotees should be strongly urged to use only the incense burners, and those who do not should be issued warning letters. Those who refuse to comply should be fined.

Offenders should also be made to bear the expenses incurred in re-turfing the common areas, considering that they had defaced public property.

Town councils and other agencies should carry out more enforcement action throughout this period.

Teo Kok Seah