A waste to use drinking water to clean floors

While it is reassuring to read that Singapore and Johor are cooperating closely to ensure that both sides have an adequate water supply ("Singapore supplies extra water to Johor"; June 7), how we make use of this precious resource is a cause for concern.

Potable water is increasingly being used to clean floors and drains, and, at community events, to wash away soapy foam and coloured powder.

This is unnecessary and careless, especially during dry spells.

A huge amount of electricity is needed to process raw water into potable water, and then to bring the potable water to our homes and offices.

In reassuring Singapore residents and investors that the country does not have a critical water problem, the authorities have, unfortunately, encouraged a careless attitude towards the precious resources of water and electricity.

It is time to heed the call to improve water conservation efforts through economic, social and other changes.

Additionally, plans should be made to increase the use of recycled water, especially for cleaning purposes.

Agnes Sng (Ms)