A unifying National Day Rally speech

I thank Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, first, for addressing the nation in three languages - a feat which is truly unique of any leader in the world - in his National Day Rally speech.

Second, for being so thorough - with the intention of not leaving anyone behind - in covering all aspects of future benefits for the different races that are living in harmony and growing with a common spirit of caring for others.

And third, for sharing with us what his father, the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, thought of the chances of Singapore making it to its centennial. When asked if there would be a Singapore 50 years from now, Mr Lee reportedly answered: "Of course there will be... even better!" ("LKY told friends: S'pore will be even better 50 years from now"; Aug 24)

As a member of the Pioneer Generation, if given the chance to be born again and the choice of birthplace, I would still choose Singapore - the little red dot most of us are proud to call home.

Vivien Tan (Mrs)