A stronger sense of community the key to a cleaner S'pore

Indeed, Singapore has progressed economically, yet citizens' behaviour has deteriorated ("Time for Singaporeans to clean up their act" by Mr Aaron Ang Chin Guan; Forum Online, Nov 10).

We see many instances of dirty public toilets, dirty trays left on tables in hawker centres, commuters not giving way to alighting passengers, drivers not giving way to other motorists, and the list goes on.

Concern for the cleanliness of our shared community and graciousness do not come from only "someone else".

Civic-mindedness should stem from the hearts and minds of every Singaporean.

I would like to believe that Singaporeans do have a sense of civic-mindedness. Some of us demonstrate this in public, but this is not enough.

There are many reasons for this lack of concern for the well-being of our community.

For example, some people think that Singapore's fast-paced society doesn't allow for people to take time to show kindness to others.

Just enacting laws and enforcing them are not enough. In a pluralistic society like Singapore, we need to develop a stronger sense of community.

This is often fostered through the actions of each generation, passing them on to the next.

The stronger our sense of community and civic-mindedness, the better the society we live in.

Lee Ying Ying (Ms)