A lesson on not ignoring rich-poor divide

It took many years and the hard work of many to create the European Union. It took just a few politicians to tear it, and perhaps even the United Kingdom as we know it today, apart.

We need to learn from this Brexit adventure that what took many years to build can be easily torn asunder by the ambitions of a few.

It has been said that maybe the referendum wasn't about staying or quitting Europe.

It was about the rich versus the poor, big business versus small business, or the haves and the have-nots.

Another lesson to be learnt here is that the greater the divide, the wider the disparity of views.

The have-nots did not feel they benefited from the union with Europe. They were left behind as the rich and powerful soldiered onwards and reaped the great rewards.

As we soldier onwards as a nation, we need to be careful not to leave our fellow citizens behind. This has been mentioned by some of our ministers.

The Brexit vote has shown us that leaving too many of our brethren behind is fraught with danger - the unravelling of the very fabric and unity of a nation. We are one united people. Let us never forget that and not let disdaining voices and opinions lose sight of it.

Matthew Ong Koon Lock