A great inspiration to young S'poreans

At 9.12am Singapore time on Saturday, Joseph Schooling splashed into the pool at the Rio Olympics and in 50.39 seconds, he wrote his name into the history books, winning a gold in the 100m butterfly event ("Historic moment for Schooling, historic moment for Singapore"; Aug 14).

He was hotly pursued by the United States' Michael Phelps, South Africa's Chad le Clos and Hungary's Laszlo Cseh - who all recorded 51.14 seconds to share the silver.

A big congratulation to Schooling. We are very proud of him and his enormous contributions to our nation. It is a great gift for our nation's 51 st birthday.

A big thank you, too, to his parents for the time and enormous efforts put into raising this wonderful son of Singapore.

Schooling's great achievement can inspire our young people to achieve their dreams. He has shown that with plenty of hard work, perseverance and courage, we can take on the best in the world.

So go for it, Generation Y. Take Singapore to the next great lap and shine on the world map .

Jeff Tan Hong Liak