A good reminder to mind what we say

The recent release of recordings from Mr Howard Stern's radio show on Mr Donald Trump's crude and sexually explicit remarks struck me ("More crude remarks surface"; Oct 10).

I am reminded of the importance of being cautious with one's words.

By speaking of women in vulgar sexual terms, the United States Republican presidential nominee's actions delivered a punishing blow to his own campaign and plunged the Republican party into crisis, with many withdrawing their support for him ("Trump faces mass desertion by party leaders"; Oct 10).

Similarly, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's cursing of United States President Barack Obama last month cost the country bilateral ties with the West ("Duterte regrets rant directed at Obama"; Sept 7).

It prompted the White House to cancel planned talks between the two leaders despite President Duterte's utmost regret.

These two examples reveal the need to watch what we say, in order to not only maintain our relationships with others but to also gain the trust of others.

Many a time, conflict and passion may spark heated debates or cause us to fling our words carelessly around, with dire consequences.

Hence, it is all the more important to keep in mind that words have a significant impact.

Claire Hsieh Jih Hsyang (Miss)