$5,000 fine for drink driving is peanuts

Drink driving is an irresponsible behaviour that society must never condone. As such, any penalty for such behaviour should have significant financial impact. ("Heavier price to pay for drink driving"; Dec 2). 

The maximum penalty for drink driving over the legal limit is a $5,000 fine or six months' jail on a first conviction is peanuts.

 A mandatory jail sentence would be good but many will probably not agree with this. The closest equitable punishment then will be the confiscation of the car.

If the driver is looking at a financial loss of at least $80,000, one can rest assured that he will not commit the offence.

The confiscated cars can be put to good social use, say for use at an old folks' home to provide transport for our pioneer generation.

A more expensive car can be auctioned off and the proceeds be passed on to charities.

Chua Boon Hou