Voices Of Youth

Youth interest essential for future

I have been attending rallies and following the coverage of this general election, and I realise that education and development of the young have become core issues.

However, many young people do not appear to have the slightest interest in the election.

Many ask what politics and elections have to do with them. Well, I say that it concerns them and will continue to concern them in future.

There have been dramatic political changes in the past 50 years. It is imperative that we remain aware and concerned about our Government and its policies.

For instance, suggestions from MPs have helped shape our education and youth development policies, which have enabled us to have the privileges we enjoy today.

It is imperative that we, the young, keep an eye open to ensure that the policies passed, which affect us and our future, are beneficial.

I hope Singapore will continue to be a prosperous and bustling city, carrying on the legacy of our pioneers. But this lies in the hands of our young.

Hence, the young need to take more interest in politics and begin understanding the Government's actions.

Only then can we be bold and pick up the baton of leading the country into the future.

Lee Song Yang, 16,
Secondary 4 student

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