Young Lions need to buck up their game

The lacklustre performance of our Under-23 football players at the National Stadium on Wednesday night was described vividly in the report (Fandi's debut to forget; March 22).

Our boys were outclassed by the Indonesian players in all areas of the game.

They were not as skilful, and lacked speed, tactics and stamina.

They were unable to read the game and their passes were erratic and not up to expectations.

They were playing to a near-empty stadium, and it will continue to be so if they do not pull up their socks and start scoring.

Last year was very bad for our Young Lions, and it was hoped that there would be much improvement with football icon Fandi Ahmad at the helm.

But, if the opening game on Wednesday was anything to go by, then I think the team is still headed down a slippery slope.

At the end of the game, our players walked out of the field with their heads bowed, without looking up to acknowledge the support of the handful of spectators there.

If they are unable to stay totally committed, improve their fitness and skill and play with intelligence, the stadium will always be empty whenever they play.

Neo Poh Goon

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