Young Lions must have more professional work ethic

The recent national Under-23 team's loss in a friendly match clearly shows that the Young Lions are on a different level compared with rivals like Indonesia (Fandi's debut to forget; March 22).

The gulf in performance was clear, as the Indonesians were full of technical ability, speed and power. Coach Fandi Ahmad said that our squad should be more professional and not miss training sessions, as players from other countries have eight to nine sessions a week.

The dismal performance underlies the need for more thorough and consistent training methods and applications.

What this team needs is a rigid weekly training programme with three main aims: ensuring that all players are properly fit, bettering individual techniques and skills, and improving tactics in general.

The fitness regimen should include improving stamina through cross country or track running, increasing speed with track running, and boosting power through weight training and circuit training.

It is also time that our national coaches stop praising the team in spite of losses from ineffectual and uncommitted performances.

This will prod them to pull up their socks and work harder at the next game.

They are representing Singapore and should be giving their best effort at every game.

George Pasqual

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