Young and old excited by Disney-themed Christmas

A quick check on Google tells us that the name "Christmas" comes from the mass of Jesus Christ, and a mass service is where Christians remember that Jesus died for them and then came back to life (Why have cartoon characters replaced Christmas decorations?, by Ms Florence Veronica Minjoot; Nov 14).

So, why must the annual Christmas light-up be in Orchard Road in the first place? Shouldn't these decorations be done up in churches instead?

If we have to stick to the old-fashioned designs to represent the Christmas feel, why bother to change the designs every year? We should just stick with the standard green, red and white decorations.

I must admit I was astonished that people dislike the decorations so much.

I have walked past many people in Orchard and most of them, from grandparents to grandchildren, were excited to see Disney-themed decorations.

Disney has produced many classics that are etched in many hearts. Some people may not like Disney, but they should not impose this personal view on the majority of Singaporeans.

I, along with everyone who spent their time admiring and taking photos of the decorations, would like to express my gratitude to the organisers for bringing us this wonderful winter wonderland with Disney.

Goh Wan Ting (Ms)

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