Worsening experience on SIA flights

I agree with Mr Peter Loon (SIA headed the wrong direction; Feb 3).

I am a very frequent flyer who has flown with Singapore Airlines since 2006. I have noticed a few things over the years.

First, the onboard service from the flight crew can be very varied - from very warm to indifferent and hurried. This has changed from the very consistent service experience of yesteryear.

Second, the condition and cleanliness of the aircraft has deteriorated. On more than one occasion, I have seen thick layers of dirt in the toilet and around the seat. I have now developed the habit of using the hot towel distributed before take-off to clean the tray, screen and buttons.

Third, the food is only moderately palatable. This is not what is expected for the premium fares SIA charges.

What worries me the most is the high-handed and arrogant attitude of the management.

I do not sense humility or willingness to listen proactively to consumers. They seem to think they know what's best and are living in their past glory. They change only when faced with a backlash.

Consumers have a powerful voice, and competition and choices are more than ever before.

The management needs to understand that the world has changed, and they must change with it.

Rahul Gupta

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