Working towards continued safety and quality dental care

Posed photo of a dentist working on a patient.
Posed photo of a dentist working on a patient. PHOTO: ST FILE

The report, Dental watchdog's letter on training causes more upset (June 5), contains responses by the College of General Dental Practitioners that are, unfortunately, based on an earlier statement provided by the college on May 29.

Since then, the college further deliberated on the issues contained in a May 25 circular the Singapore Dental Council (SDC) issued.

The college also sought clarification from SDC.

In particular, Dr T. C. Phua, the president of the college and a member of the Ministry of Health working committee, which was set up to look into ensuring continued safety and quality dental care, actively participated in the discussions on the preliminary recommendations.

The college is also encouraged by the explanations given by the Chief Dental Officer (CDO) and the fair and frank views exchanged over the certificate of competencies for dentists.

With further clarifications from the CDO, the college has formed a better understanding of the issues involved and will continue to contribute towards an equitable final set of recommendations for all dentists.

There is a clear understanding now between the college and the SDC on our way forward.

The college has from the beginning supported the SDC's proposal to develop new training courses in the identified higher-risk procedures and to enhance patient safety through continuing dental education.

This initiative will assist in the provision of safe and quality dental care for all our patients, and the college intends to facilitate the organisation of suitable courses in this endeavour.

At the same time, the college will continue to make efforts to ensure that any proposed framework for competencies for dental care will always be inclusive to all dentists.

Matthew Sng Tiap Ching (Dr)

Honorary Secretary

College of General Dental Practitioners Singapore

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