Work to retain public-sector docs

The answer to our shortage of doctors does not lie in training more of them ("Shortage of doctors? Train more Singaporeans locally" by Ms Maria Loh Mun Foong; Wednesday).

As the shortage is in the public sector, not the private sector, the questions we should ask are: Why is there a shortage of local doctors in the public sector, and why is the sector unable to retain these doctors?

Perhaps the career advancement prospects are too slow or lacking within the public sector.

Doctors may feel it is more lucrative to work in the private sector, which may also provide them with a better work environment.

Ways should be found to retain local doctors in the public sector, such as offering them the best of both worlds - giving them the flexibility to work in private practice while still in the public sector.

Better career advancement pathways can also be created for junior and middle-level staff.

Ho Kar Kaye

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