Work cut out for 4G leaders

The work ahead is particularly tough and complex for the incoming People's Action Party Central Executive Committee members (PAP unveils new party leadership with 4G leaders at helm; Tharman, Teo Chee Hean among heavyweights who step down; The Straits Times Online; Nov 11)

The fourth-generation leaders must prove their mettle and convince Singaporeans that they are leaders in their own right, all within a short lead time before the next general election.

To do this,they need to intensify efforts in building a consultative and inclusive political environment, where leaders co-create solutions with citizens and not merely seek feedback after a policy is introduced.

The 4G leaders ought to be better connected with the young as well.

Managing the complexities of geopolitics necessitates that the 4G leaders establish their international presence quickly.

They have to build rapport with the international community to defend Singapore's interests and give assurances that it is business as usual under their leadership. This can come only through regular exposure.

The next prime minister requires a capable and diverse team to tackle wide-ranging challenges that Singapore will face.

I am confident that the PAP has assembled a team to do just that.

Lee Yu Xiang, 23

University undergraduate Year 3

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