Woodlands Checkpoint needs more washrooms

The lack of toilet facilities at the immigration checkpoint at Woodlands heading to Johor Baru is concerning.

I am a 71-year-old retiree. Normally, I would use the ground floor washroom beside the bus bay after clearing immigration.

But on one occasion, the bus I was in was caught in a jam and it took almost 30 minutes to negotiate the 200m stretch of road leading to the checkpoint.

Before joining the long queue to have my passport stamped, I asked an officer at the security post to allow me use a nearby washroom.

He told me that I had to wait till my passport was stamped.

I then approached another officer on duty nearby. She took me back to the security post where my request was again turned down.

Despite my protests, none of them was prepared to budge, and insisted I wait till I cleared immigration.

Fortunately, another officer came to my rescue and I was granted access to the staff toilet.

Students in schools are not denied permission to go to the toilet, even in the midst of a lesson, when there is an urgent need to do so.

If a student is not allowed to relieve himself, the principal can expect an unwelcome visit from the parents the following day.

It is understandable that at an immigration checkpoint, security is of paramount importance.

But many seniors have bladder issues and cannot go for too long without using a washroom.

The inability to access a toilet when necessary can lead to health issues.

A conveniently located toilet should be available in case of emergencies.

Could the authorities look into the matter?

Grace Chow Yuet Ying (Ms)

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