Women's football gaining momentum here

I concur with Mr Ivan Goh Sian Lung ("Time to have at least one woman on FAS Council"; Monday) that it is indeed positive that the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) has appointed a general manager of its grassroots and women's football department.

Under the leadership of Ms Julie Teo, many small steps have been made to promote women's football.

Several all-girls centres have opened, under the Singapore Cubs programme, giving many more girls, including my daughter, the opportunity to enjoy playing football.

Every Sunday morning, my daughter wakes up early, excited to be trained by coaches who include current women national players and even the national coach of the Singapore women's team.

I do not know of any other country where elite female athletes are so involved in the grassroots programme. I admire the passion for football among the female players and coaches who act as role models for the young girls.

I truly believe that there is growing momentum for women's football in Singapore.

Hopefully, with increasing support from organisations such as the FAS, women's football in Singapore will progress, in line with a long-term vision.

Despite limited resources, the development of grassroots and women's football in Singapore has taken baby steps in recent years.

Given time and resources, it can make giant strides forward.

And one way to help nudge women's football in the right direction would be to appoint female representatives to the FAS Council.

David Squires

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