With caution, anyone can enjoy Pokemon Go

I applaud government agencies for their efforts in reminding citizens to practise safety and good judgment when playing the Pokemon Go game ("Pokemania hits Singapore"; Sunday).

As the craze for Pokemon Go continues to grow in Singapore, timely reminders are important in ensuring the well-being of our citizens.

After all, we have read about various incidents of trespassing and accidents that have taken place overseas.

As Singaporeans, we must learn from these experiences and exercise good judgment when playing the game.

As a long-time fan of the Pokemon series, I appreciate the light-handed approach taken by government organisations.

There is a fine line between highlighting the importance of national security and taking an overly strict approach, and our government agencies have trod this line very well.

I enjoyed reading all the light-hearted social media posts from government agencies, from the Republic of Singapore Air Force's tongue-in-cheek Facebook post, "All intruders, our Force Protection Troopers are gonna catch them all!", to the Singapore Civil Defence Force's Facebook post of a crying Squirtle, a character from the game.

Also, kudos to Minister of State for Manpower Teo Ser Luck for his humorous Facebook post of him playing the game at a hawker centre, reminding us that with caution and discernment, anyone can enjoy this game.

Zachary Soh Zhao En

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