Will carbon tax really clean up our environment?

While there has been intense discussion and debate on the scarcity value of water and the raising of water rates, little has been said about how we can prevent carbon emissions from diesel cars, buses and lorries.

The Government will be imposing a carbon tax on such vehicles. Taxes on diesel fuel have also come into effect (Singapore Budget 2017: 6 things to know about the new carbon tax, tweaked vehicle emissions schemes; ST Online, Feb 20).

The question remains as to how a carbon tax can make our environment cleaner. Are there now less carcinogens from carbon emissions from these vehicles?

A more positive step to clean up our environment would be to help taxi and coach operators to trade in their diesel vehicles for petrol or electric ones.

The next question is: Will the carbon tax be applied to the diesel vehicles that enter Singapore?

Lorries bring fresh food and vegetables from Malaysia daily. Will the prices of these goods be increased, due to the cascading effect of the tax? What will happen if the Government decides to ban diesel lorries and buses entirely?

Ronald Lee Yew Kee

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