Why reject medical insurance claim that isn't e-filed?

In December, I had an accident at home and my forehead was bleeding profusely.

I rushed to the nearest surgical clinic, which was at the Gleneagles Medical Centre, and the surgeon put six stitches in to stop the flow of blood.

The clinic had not applied for the MediNet e-file facility, so the surgeon was not able to e-file my claim against my NTUC Income Shield policy. Hence, I did a paper submission instead.

To my surprise, Income rejected my claim, stating that since the clinic was not able to e-file the claim, it was not an accredited clinic, as the Shield policy only covers for treatments at clinics with the MediNet e-file facility.

My insurance policy was a hospitalisation and surgical policy. Since the surgeon is accredited by the Ministry of Health and it was a surgical case, why did Income not accept my claim?

Ng Sout San (Ms)

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