Why only one wider lane in immigration halls

We thank Mr Mok Chek Koon for his feedback on immigration lanes for wheelchair users (Immigration counter shouldn't be just for able-bodied S'poreans; Forum Online, March 2).

Changi Airport has a lane in all its immigration halls for passengers who need special assistance.

The special assistance lane, which was used by Mr Mok, is wider and designed for wheelchair users.

It also serves as a priority lane for other passengers who may need additional help, including the elderly, pregnant women and families with young children.

Due to space constraints, providing more of such wider lanes would result in less space for regular-width lanes.

Therefore, in each hall, there is only one special assistance lane, aimed at serving all passengers with special needs, who include Singaporeans as well as other nationalities.

We will take Mr Mok's feedback into consideration in future reviews and renovations of the immigration halls.

Albert Lim

Senior Vice-President,

Airport Operations Management

Changi Airport Group

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