Why MediShield Life claims did not succeed

MediShield Life is a basic health insurance scheme that helps to pay for large hospital bills and selected costly outpatient treatments. It is designed for subsidised bills at B2 or C ward types in public hospitals.

To keep premiums affordable for all Singaporeans and to target MediShield Life for larger bills, MediShield Life has features such as an annual deductible, co-insurance and claim limits.

Our records show that Forum writer Leong Sai Mooi was hospitalised twice in recent years (Puzzled as to why reimbursement of medical expenses was not possible; Sept 4).

His first bill incurred at a private hospital in 2015 was about $20,000.

MediShield claims are subject to applicable claim limits for ward charges and procedures.

The final claimable amount was below the annual $2,000 deductible for that policy year and therefore it did not qualify for a MediShield payout.

Mr Leong's second bill was from a public hospital this year.

His post-subsidy bill of just over $1,000 was within the applicable claim limits.

However, this amount was also below the annual deductible, which was $1,500 for a C-type ward.

Patients who face difficulties with medical bills after government subsidies, MediShield Life and Medisave may approach medical social workers at the public healthcare institutions for assistance.

Lim Siok Peng (Ms)

Director, Corporate Communications Division

Ministry of Health

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