Why is 50m pool now only 25m?

Our Tampines Hub is impressive and boasts six different pools, including two main 50m pools.

The competition pool is covered and can be enjoyed by social and serious swimmers even during bad weather such as thunderstorms with lightning.

I enjoyed this 50m facility for only a few months, because on May 13, this competition pool was "shortened" from the international standard of 50m to only 25m.

The pool officials have installed a bulkhead to shorten the length to only 25m.

It has now become two sections of only 25m each with 10 wider, shorter lanes instead of the normal 10 lanes of 50 m.

Many regular users and residents have been asking about this sudden change. I wrote to SportSG, which replied saying that this new set-up allows their lifeguards to direct guests into the different segments, for example, leisure swimming and continuous lap swimming.

It said there are no longer instances where swimmers criss-cross and/or collide into one another.

The segmented areas also help their lifeguards to better oversee more areas when they walk across the bulkhead to do their patrols, said SportSG, which will, in turn, step up safety measures.

This is most baffling, to say the least. Does it mean that the other public pools are deficient?

We talk about improving swimming and other sports in Singapore, and would think that the most basic infrastructure is given priority.

If we are serious about encouraging swimmers, especially young ones, why would we provide a sub-standard facility? Older people who enjoyed the 50m pool are affected too.

Did something go wrong at the planning stage for the complex to be built first and then have such a drastic change be made now?

Peter Khaw

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on May 29, 2018, with the headline 'Why is 50m pool now only 25m?'. Subscribe