Why I opted for ElderShield again

After hearing about the difficulties in making claims, and the low monthly payouts, I had opted out of the ElderShield scheme two years ago when I turned 40.

However, I realised the scheme's importance when my 44-year-old cousin's leg had to be amputated recently due to an infection. Thankfully she had not opted out of ElderShield, and will start receiving her monthly payouts soon.

I agree with senior health correspondent Salma Khalik that people should have the freedom to join this scheme or not (Scheme should not be compulsory; Feb 8). Let the current policy of optional opt-out remain.

For the record, I have decided to opt back into the ElderShield plan, albeit an enhanced version from one of the insurance firms which provides a monthly payout of $1200 for life in the event of disability.

Rashid Osman

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