Why charge for Uber ride that didn't happen?

I empathise with Mrs Wilma Elizabeth Chai who is still waiting for a refund from Uber ("Baffled by hefty charge for Uber ride"; Jan 14).

Recently, I booked a ride through Uber and received a message that the driver was en-route.

As there was no sign of the driver after some time, I checked the app and found out that he had cancelled the booking.

I tried to find a telephone number I could call to find out why the booking was cancelled, but could not find one. It was just difficult to get to Uber.

Later, when I checked the Uber rides that I had taken, the cancelled booking was listed, and $6 had been charged to my credit card for the "ride".

This auto-deduction is disconcerting. I tried to delete my credit card, but I was unable to do so without offering another card in its place.

Why was my credit card deducted even though the Uber driver did not arrive? Why must a customer apply for a refund when the ride did not take place to start with?

It seems like the onus is on the customer to spot the errors.

Manmohan Singh

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on January 18, 2017, with the headline 'Why charge for Uber ride that didn't happen?'. Subscribe