Why can't roadworks be carried out on weekends and at night?

Of late, there has been terrible traffic congestion in the Clementi area near Clementi MRT station. The cause seems to be roadworks along that stretch.

The traffic flow is much better on weekends, when there seems to be less work taking place on the roads there.

Shouldn't the authorities be carrying out such intrusive activities late at night and on weekends when traffic flow is lighter?

Are there some safety concerns that prevent this from being done? After all, the roads are quieter on those days and late at night.

Surely, it cannot be safety. If our Formula 1 races can be held at night, roadworks can be carried out safely too.

If we were to add up the petrol consumed and the pollution caused when vehicles are caught in a jam, it would be quite worrisome.

And if we were to total up the man-hours lost by all the individuals caught up in the morning jam - that would be quite costly too.

I am sure those travelling on roads in other parts of Singapore that are being dug up feel the same way about the matter.

Teo Bah Tee

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