Why are some cyclists aggressive on the roads?

The jury is still out on the encounter between the cyclist and the lorry driver in Pasir Ris (Lorry driver, cyclist arrested after Pasir Ris road altercation; Dec 25, 2018).

Some have decided that the lorry driver was perhaps wrong to have rammed the biker, assuming that he did it on purpose, while others agree that anyone could have been distracted by the wing mirror being wrenched off his vehicle and, hence, the cyclist had it coming.

There are many videos online of cyclists demonstrating loutish behaviour, including threatening police officers who were advising them to ride safely.

Two months ago, a video of a cyclist, who was stopped by the police for his inconsiderate riding, telling the officers that he knew his rights as a cyclist and intimidating them went viral.

Many of these cyclists sound like relatively high-level corporate executives who are drivers themselves, as one can see from the proliferation of cars with bicycle-mounts installed on their rooftops. Why then do some of them behave aggressively towards other road users when they are on their bicycles?

It is time for the leaders of these cycling groups to remind their members of the rights and the wrongs of riding, as well as reinforce the need for them to be considerate to other road users when on the roads.

Chow Hon Meng

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