Where is the compassion in the healing profession?

If general practitioners were to impose waiting room, wheelchair, nurse assistance and toilet charges on patients, they would be heavily criticised for adopting such abysmally mercenary, unfeeling and exploitative measures, and deservedly so.

So hospitals should be pilloried for the continued practice of bill inflation and their unconscionable tactics (Visitor upset at host of extras in KKH bill; July 9).

Has the healing profession, which has always been traditionally associated with compassion, empathy and benevolence, now degenerated into a profit-grabbing, uncaring and heartless pecuniary enterprise, all in the name of "being transparent in the fees we charge" and providing itemised bills?

And we wonder how medical insurance premiums keep skyrocketing when even restructured hospitals are guilty of such iniquitous habits.

Yik Keng Yeong (Dr)

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