What's happening to Malaysia's VEP?

Many Singaporean drivers have applied and paid for the Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) tag to enter Malaysia ("New road levy in Johor: Malaysia gears up for official launch"; Nov 28).

But to date, many have not received the radio frequency identification tag nor have we received any information as to where to collect it.

The many e-mails to the Malaysian authorities have yielded little. In fact, their last response to me is that one can enter without the VEP tag.

But the more common response one gets is "the system is under maintenance". How can a system that was never implemented be under maintenance?

Can someone explain to me the actual purpose of the tag?

This programme seems to be in a shambles before it has even started.

Where did all the money collected from Singaporeans go and why isn't Singapore protesting?

Richard Martorano (Dr)

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