What kind of values is the boy learning?

I was shocked after reading about the parent who took legal action against a school because it disciplined his son (Parent sues school over confiscated mobile phone; June 7).

Schools are entitled to have their own set of bylaws, rules and standard operating procedures.

The school in question has an explicit rule prohibiting the use of mobile phones during school hours.

Instead of defending the school by chastising his son, the parent takes the school to court over a misdemeanour which his son admitted to committing.

What moral values is the parent imparting to the son, except that if one has the means, it is acceptable to be belligerently disrespectful?

Such a mentality ought to be demolished. Has it not occurred to the father and his legal counsel that this legal pursuit is futile?

Also, if ever such an undeserving case should succeed, such a precedent will serve as a mockery to rules and bylaws.

I am glad District Judge Clement Julien Tan turned down the request for the phone to be returned.

Anthony Ng Seet Boo

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