What is impact of NTUC Enterprise buying Kopitiam?

As a layman, I am unable to comprehend the need for the hefty fine that was slapped on the ride-sharing companies (Grab, Uber fined $13m for violating competition laws; Sept 25).

What have they done - or not done - that has harmed the citizens to warrant this?

At the same time, we see the announcement of NTUC Enterprise taking over the entire Kopitiam chain (NTUC Enterprise to buy Kopitiam; Sept 22).

Kopitiam is a well-established and lucrative enterprise in the food industry. What impact will this have on consumers, workers, suppliers, stakeholders and other coffee shop operators?

With reference to these two cases, can the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore make clear the impact of acquisitions, mergers and competition?

Chan Wai Piew Daniel

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