What happened to gracious driving?

Having returned to Singapore after living overseas for 13 years, I have noticed a dismaying change in the driving habits of drivers on the road.

Only a tiny percentage of drivers signal in advance before switching lanes.

Most signal only at the last minute, after their car has already inched into the new lane. Some simply weave in and out of lanes at high speed, without any consideration for the safety of other drivers.

Signalling to switch lanes seems to have become a signal to other drivers to speed up, rather than to give way.

Worse, when an ambulance is on the road, cars do not immediately get out of the ambulance's lane.

Rather, they wait until the ambulance is right behind them before moving.

At pedestrian crossings, lots of cars zoom past despite seeing pedestrians approaching.

Worse, there are some drivers who do not stop even when the pedestrians are in the midst of crossing the road.

Once, when I stopped for a pedestrian at a zebra crossing, the car behind me honked.

What happened to gracious and patient driving? Are all drivers taught to respect the local traffic rules?

Are we all in such a mad rush that we cannot hold off for a moment and give way?

Cecilia Koh (Ms)

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