What happened to clean Singapore?

I am an American tourist who has visited Singapore several times.

In the United States, Singapore has the reputation of being fabulously clean.

Yet, when I visited Changi Beach last Saturday, I was shocked to see rubbish everywhere.

I began to wonder if a garbage barge sank in the strait, causing paper, snack wrappers, plastic bags, toys, styrofoam, cigarette packages, aluminium cans, plastic food containers, fishing gear and hygiene products to wash up on the beach. Some of these are dangerous to swimmers, children, pedestrians and wildlife.

It was the same situation at Changi Village and the boardwalk from Changi Point. The garbage was deliberately tossed away, even though rubbish receptacles are in plain view.

I do not understand what has happened in this country, which has long prided itself as the cleanest in Asia.

Surely, Singaporeans desire a clean and beautiful country.

Maybe visitors and Singaporeans could join together for a clean-up day. I would gladly don rubber gloves and spend some time collecting the unsightly rubbish and putting it in its place.

L. R. Erickson

California, USA

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