What does it mean to drink responsibly?

Studies have shown that alcohol is as dangerous as, if not more so, than some illegal drugs (New alliance to promote responsible drinking; April 17).

It has also been shown to cause more damage to people, families and communities.

But because it has been around for centuries, it is taken as socially acceptable.

I am puzzled by what responsible drinking means.

When does a responsible drinker become a stress drinker, a binge drinker or a functional drinker?

Some people slide into alcoholism without recognising the symptoms.

While some drink excessively in pubs, there are many others who, once they get into the habit, drink at home.

Just like how we are educating people about the dangers of smoking and illegal drugs, we must educate people about the danger of drinking alcohol.

More importantly, we must let people know what to do if they become alcoholic.

Hopefully, the Singapore Alliance for Responsible Drinking will also concentrate on these areas.

Ram Narain Dubey

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