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Were there other reasons for coach's poor show?

On the basis of the very poor results and coach V. Sundram Moorthy's reliance on older players and dogged defensive strategies despite consistent losses, his release from his present post seems a justifiable proposition (Sundram: Stay or go?; Nov 19).

However, there should be a rethink if there were constraints that contributed to his underperformance.

Was there availability of dedicated training facilities and state-of-the-art equipment?

Did he have absolute discretion in the selection of players and the composition of the team?

Were there cliquish players and player power to contend with?

Was he given full rein to work out the team's technical and tactical strategies?

It seems unlike Sundram's character to resort to defensive play in spite of so many defeats.

As a player for Tampines Rovers FC and the national team, he had the exuberance for only attacking play.

We just can't fathom how his attitude towards the game has changed.

George Pasqual

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