We can all do our part to strengthen cyber security

We thank Mr Darren Chan for his letter stating that a collective effort among agencies is needed to deter impersonators from setting up fake social media accounts (Adopt a strong stance against impersonation in cyberspace; March 22).

Fake accounts affect not only politicians; many others have had their social media accounts hacked.

Beyond the efforts of the authorities, we can all do our part to be on the lookout for fake profiles, and avoid our identities being stolen by adopting good password habits and also avoid revealing personal information online unnecessarily.

The Media Literacy Council works with the Government, industry partners and the public in its public education efforts, such as the Better Internet Campaign, to help citizens navigate the digital age safely and responsibly.

In addition, members of the public are welcome to access useful tips and resources on discerning fake news and scams at our portal www.medialiteracycouncil.sg.

Lock Wai Han

Media Literacy Council

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