Ways to address youth bullying

Ways to address youth bullying

It was disheartening to read about youth bullying in China, and there is a need to address this problem ("Young bullies prompt soul-searching in China"; June 28).

More awareness of bullying needs to be raised in China, through talks in schools for youngsters.

Bullies should also be counselled, instead of enforcing harsher punishment on them, as this might backfire and escalate the bullying.

Counsellors should find out the real cause of the bullying and try to solve this underlying problem.

A Web portal could also be set up for victims to anonymously share their problems and get help.

Ansel Tang Shao Pin, 13, Secondary 1 student

No need for first aid in school curriculum

I agree that first aid is extremely important ("Make first aid part of school curriculum" by Mr Quan Jian Rong; last Friday).

I attended a three-day first aid training course at the Singapore Red Cross and found it both practical and interesting.

It taught practical skills, like the bandaging of wounds and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

However, there is no need to include formal first aid lessons in the school curriculum.

This is because it is the norm for those in uniformed groups to have basic first aid training.

Given that practically all schools have uniformed groups as a co-curricular activity, many students would have basic first aid skills.

Having extra lessons would take up precious classroom time.

Instead, schools could encourage more participation in uniformed groups or subsidise first aid courses for those who are interested.

Wong Yu An, 14, Secondary 2 student


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