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Voters believe in checks and balances

Mr Anthony Oei's views are both pragmatic and noteworthy (Opposition parties should have bigger goal; Oct 22).

In Singapore, the opposition parties are not in a position to match the People's Action Party for the simple reason that the latter has a good track record and can deliver on its promises.

However, most people strongly believe that checks and balances are necessary to ensure that there is no complacency.

People also feel that the opposition can best articulate sentiments from the ground, especially when there is disagreement over government policies.

Competition keeps people on their toes. As an analogy, customers enjoy good service from a retailer that has to compete with several others selling similar merchandise in the same place. The same may not be said of retail stores that do not have any competition.

The ruling party is unlikely to be toppled any time soon.

But in the meantime, opposition parties would do well to work the ground, and attract experienced and qualified candidates who can offer alternatives to what they believe are the Government's shortcomings.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng

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