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Vote with balanced, all-inclusive approach

WP and PAP supporters at Fengshan nomination centre.
WP and PAP supporters at Fengshan nomination centre.ST PHOTO: STEPHANIE YEOW

In the coming general election, many voters will ponder whether to vote for a stronger ruling government or for a stronger opposition. There are good reasons for either choice, said Opinion editor Chua Mui Hoong in her commentary ("Is a stronger PAP or stronger opposition better for S'pore?"; Aug 23).

Voters who deliberate along this line are more likely to contemplate many factors.

Ms Chua's other observation was worrisome. She said that "people base their vote on all manner of things" - meaning that some voting decisions may not be well considered or rational.

If these voters form only a small number, we should not be unduly concerned about it.

Compared with previous elections, much more complex hot-button issues are being raised on political hustings in this one.

Emotions are expected to run high at the height of the hustings. The various contrasting arguments between the ruling and the opposition parties may be very confusing to many.

If voters could adopt a balanced and all-inclusive approach, taking into account all considerations when they cast their votes, they would be doing their duty well, regardless of who they vote for.

Conversely, will there be a surge of voters who vote based on minor issues and personal interests, or based on surface value and half-truths rather than well thought-out reasoning?

This is still a worrying unknown.

At a time when Singapore is at a crossroads, this election is critical and special, as it offers a precious opportunity for us to play a part in determining our nation's destiny collectively.

This is certainly a very, if not the most, important consideration

we should take into account when we vote.

Ng Ya Ken

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