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Food machines a boon for Singapore

Food machines a boon for Singapore

The idea of a VendCafe is both fascinating and exciting ("Vending machine 'cafe' opens in heartland"; Aug 8). Given Singapore's ageing population, can we really afford the manpower for hawker centres and foodcourts?

Having vending machines may free up manpower for other industries.

Although it is unlikely that VendCafe will replace iconic hawker centres, it is apt as a substitute in space-constrained Singapore.

Land can be used instead to build infrastructure, such as housing, bus stops or parks.

With the use of solar panels, VendCafes may potentially be a greener alternative to hawker centres and foodcourts.

Furthermore, VendCafes will shorten the waiting time for food. It takes merely three minutes for the machine to serve a piping hot meal.

Service and convenience converge with VendCafe.The machines are apt in areas with limited space and manpower, without sacrificing quality and variety.

Amanda Pei Li Yan, 16,
Secondary 4 student

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