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Don't take racial harmony lightly

Don't take racial harmony lightly

It was heartening to know that the majority of Singaporeans are respectful to people from all races ("Singaporeans respect all races, but racism still an issue: Survey"; last Saturday).

While various countries struggle to make their multicultural society harmonious, Singapore has done a good job integrating the various races.

However, it is also rather shocking to hear that more than half of the people surveyed have received racist comments, mostly from colleagues.

Is this because people are indeed insensitive, or that they take friendly relationships for granted?

Though some of these comments may be jokes , it is essential to note that not everything can be taken for granted. Through the survey, we can also see that younger people seem to be more accepting of prime ministers and presidents of other races.

This is a sign that the educated youth have been taught well in terms of respect, acceptance and sensitivity towards people of different cultures.

The frequent emphasis on racial harmony and interaction with people of different races seems to have made the young grow up to be more respectful.

I hope that Singaporeans will be more accepting of other races in the future. This is to ensure that we continue to be a stable and united nation, and the envy of other countries.

Phoebe Ong, 16,
Secondary 4 student

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