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Do more to promote car-free days

The idea of a car-free Sunday is great ("Car-Free Sundays didn't set the tills ringing much"; last Saturday). However, more can be done to encourage Singaporeans to participate in these events.

One way would be to not limit the car-free areas to just roads around the Central Business District and Civic District.

Many people, especially those living in the extreme east or west of Singapore, may find it too much of a bother to travel all the way to that area. Extending it to other areas will definitely lead to more participation.

Another way would be to change the venue of the car-free Sunday event each month. This way, participants will be able to appreciate what the different parts of Singapore have to offer. It also makes it more interesting and participation in the initiative will not be one-off.

Car-free Sunday is a great initiative that every Singaporean should try to take part in. It is also a step towards establishing a car-lite society.

Amanda Pei Li Yan,
16, Secondary 4 student

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