Violent treatment at K-pop concert is shocking

I am writing in to express my utter shock at the treatment dished out to the young fans at the recent Korean boyband Wanna One's concert held at the Sports Hub on July 13 (Fans complain security guards were rough at K-pop concert; July 16).

Granted, there were signs indicating that photography was not allowed at the concert, but it is another thing for the security personnel to mete out rough and aggressive treatment to fans who were caught taking photos.

The security personnel were going around pulling fans' hair, resulting in one fan breaking her high-heeled shoes, in an attempt to drag them out of the venue in the standing pen. Other fans were roughly dragged out of the venue by the arm.

Sure, security personnel are employed at such events to make sure that fans abide by the rules. But, surely a no-touch policy should be implemented. After all, these fans are not causing danger or harm to fellow fans.

Moreover, all security personnel should be wearing a staff badge, but many were seen without them in the standing pen.

How are people to differentiate real staff from bogus ones who want to take advantage of young female fans?

Just because the majority of these fans were young and helpless students does not mean that the security personnel had to show their superiority and power over them with their bad-mannered and violent treatment.

The fans had paid good money for the concert. Surely the organiser can train their staff to be less ferocious. Such treatment should not be condoned.

Karen Sim (Madam)

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