Various accommodation providers for private school students

The report on Oct 17 ("College-style living for private school students") highlighted initiatives by Homestead Halls to provide accommodation to students enrolled in local private institutions.

It quoted Homestead Group chief executive Low Jeng-tek as saying that instead of advertising directly to students, Homestead Halls preferred to work with institutions and tailor classes and activities for students and institutions.

One institution it worked with was James Cook University, Singapore (JCU Singapore).

This may give the impression that Homestead is JCU Singapore's preferred partner to provide accommodation to students of JCU Singapore.

JCU Singapore has a list of approved accommodation providers, one of which is Homestead.

JCU Singapore treats Homestead like any other accommodation provider which has signed service level agreements to offer accommodation services to our students.

Dale Anderson (Dr)

Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Head of Campus, Singapore

James Cook University, Singapore

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